New Kid on the Block

Made my report at the staff meeting. I am pleased to see the boys settling down, especially the Ravenclaws, and we now have fewer injuries. I've even cancelled that back up order of Skel-gro. I suspect that this last bottle will last out the year at least.

It was a great surprise to see that Viktor Krum has returned to Hogwarts to take over the Flying Program. Hooch and I were never that close, but she will be missed. Come to think of it, I better re-order that Skel-gro, silly young witches and one Viktor Krum may lead to some school girl crush type accidents.

He is a handsome lad.
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Sore Losers

I managed to drag Vera to Horace's quarters for the Brandy sampling last night. After all, the victorious house had to make an appearance.

And then it all went...fuzzy. I think I snogged Adrian Pucey, but I'm quite certain Vera did too.

Now, where is that hangover potion. Marf better not be hiding it to punish me.
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Is there a doctor in the Hogwarts...

Ginny stopped by today. Her shoulder is still bothering her and that does have me concerned. I made up an anti-biotic salve on the recommendation of Neville Longbottom. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was a Healer. Good for him.

Ginny and I had a lovely catch up too. I'm so glad she's returned.

Then I attended the strangest baby shower. It turned out to be a farce, but oh my, I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it.

I guess my gift of homemade diaper cream was wholly unnecessary. It was a lark at least. Poor Harry though, he is such a dear.

Bill was kind enough to have a wee chat, too.
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Might have been the Firewhiskey...

This was the staff to end all staff parties, though I'm certain they will try to out do themselves again next year.

Remus did catch me up a bit. I knew I should have stayed. Damn, good thing Rose came through.

Horace the horrible required medical attention, damn the Hippocratic oath. I would have much rather left his ankle alone, at least he walked funny for a bit.
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Vacation...All I ever wanted

I'm back.

Had a lovely time.

Oh, how I miss them already.

I have no idea what's gone on in my absence and frankly, I'm too afraid to ask. Hopefully Remus will have time to catch me up.
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Forget Embarrassment, we have a vampire...

Remus seemed to fair better with this latest moon. Maybe the distraction over Izabel enabled him to keep his pain at bay.

For a few brief moments I thought about canceling my trip to Iceland, but I've decided to go ahead. I have an emergency Portkey available should I be needed in a hurry. It will be good to see Walter, Lara and the children. I have missed them very much.
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Some things are just better left unsaid...

I attended Bill Weasley's birthday party last night. My conversation with Bill went surprisingly well. Just as I was about to leave, Harry stopped me to have a little chat. It was friendly and I was enjoying myself very much, and then everything changed.

Things were revealed and now I don't know whether to cry or die with humiliation. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, however, I really could have done without the embarrassment.
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Well, that was unexpected

Dinner was lovely. Harry, he was preoccupied. Our little affair has come to end. Actually, I shouldn't even label it an affair. A dalliance, yes that's it. Dalliances. Oh well, no regrets.

On a more disturbing note, the hospital potion stores were burglarized. Marf is most distressed and punishing himself frequently. He wants to be sent back to the kitchens because he feels unworthy to serve the Hospital, but I will have none of it. I'm hoping it's just a prank, none of the serious potions were taken just the restorative. I would like to know how the culprits managed to get past my wards. I immediately changed them, of course, and now Marf and I are the only ones with the codes.

I'll need to think on this some more and recheck my notes.
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